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To distill the power of nature
into products that nurture.

About Us

At Earth Medicine there are four pillars we live by: Truth, Quality, Community and Love. This is the foundation of our company. Why the elephant? Elephants are known as keystone species and are imperative to keeping the balance of their environments, much like the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is to maintaining balance in the body. Our elephant serves as a reminder of the importance of supporting your body’s natural healing network, the ECS.



When we entered into the world of hemp we discovered that there was a large amount of consumer confusion around the facts and science of CBD. We saw that millions could benefit from the support of plant cannabinoids if they were equipped with the knowledge about CBD and its powerful relationship with their bodies. "People avoid what they don’t understand, so let’s help them understand, became the mantra that shaped our goal of education and empowerment."



Our MicroCBD™ was developed using the same science that supplement industries have been utilizing for years. The bulky oil molecules are shrunk into a much smaller form that your body can absorb, with up to five times the efficiency of standard CBD oil. Our products are humanely sourced from high-quality US hemp, undergo multiple rounds of third-party testing and are manufactured in an ISO-compliant facility. Our products are designed to help. We care about what you put into your body just as much as we care about what we put into the world.



While building our company, community has been one of our guiding principles. We brought together leaders from the Western Medicine, Homeopathy and Technology industries to craft our Doctor-recommended CBD wellness formula. With guidance from the medical community, we capitalize on emerging research to craft the finest products possible.

In addition, we believe that building a strong community means giving back. That is why we are proud charitable partners with Vitamin Angels, an amazing organization that provides life-saving vitamins to over 70 million mothers and children under five across the world.



The more we learned about CBD and its potential, the more it became clear that we had an opportunity to spread love and wellness to our fellow humans. We believe that every person is entitled to live the best quality of life possible. So we decided to make that belief a reality.

Our vision is simple: to distill the power of nature into products that nurture. When you see the Earth Medicine elephant, rest assured your journey to self-restoration has begun.